Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bring Sunsets to Washington

via The Corner

Next week, the House is expected to consider both the line item veto bill as well as a sunset commission bill that evaluates whether federal programs are serving the taxpayers' interests. These important reforms complement the efforts we've already taken - including earmark reforms and the "rainy day" funds for disaster response - which support these efforts as well....
(emphasis mine)

I know that the representative from my former district in Texas, and friend of the family, Rep. Kevin Brady, has sponsored Sunset legislation for at least 8 years.

A review of all pending Sunset House Bills - there appear to be 3 of them - can be found here.

Rep. Brady appears to be the primary sponser of two of the bills, HR 3277 and HR3282.
Seeing that HR3282 has substantially more co-sponsors than either of the other two bills, it looks to my untrained eye like this is the one that is coming up for a vote.

Text of HR3282.

Good luck, Kevin. I hope this one finally gets through.