Saturday, April 22, 2006

Gas to $4.50 by Memorial Day - Updated!

The winter blend is running almost $2.80 here in Tally. The summer blend is more expensive, and demand increases. I'm betting on $3.00 gas here in Tallahassee by Memorial Day. Expect to see $4.00 if there's more than one major hurricane in the Gulf this year. I wonder what the correlation line is between the price of gold per ounce and the average price per gallon of gas at the pump? I'll bet it's closer than the trend line between carbon oxides emissions and average global temperature. 'Course, no one argues that the price of gas drives up the price of gold.

Ok, so gas was at $2.95 today, $3 is a certainty, and I'm bold enough to go for $4.50 - It'll hit $6 if there's a hurricane hit b/t Panama City and Houston this summer.