Friday, April 21, 2006

Chernobyl Bad for People, Good for Animals

Interesting BBC story about wildlife in the no-go zone around Chernobyl. Wildlife has been hugely resurgent in the area, especially in the last 5 years. To the point where birds are nesting on the sarcophagus! Of course, the animals are, according to the story, "too radioactive for humans to eat safely - but otherwise healthy." Excuse me? The wolf and lynx population seem to be growing just fine eating irradiated animals. It helps keep the e. coli incidence down.

Of course, you gotta have a moonbat quote in a BBC story, here it is:
"I have wondered if the small volumes of nuclear waste from power production should be stored in tropical forests and other habitats in need of a reliable guardian against their destruction by greedy developers"
-James Lovelock in a 2001 Daily Telegraph article
Sounds like a great idea, Jimbo! That way us evil, irradiated specists could finally hunt a couple of species to extinction without the Greenpeacers hanging around and protesting.