Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Chinese Version of Ocean Front Property in Az

Every so often I browse my spam, just to make sure that I don't miss commenters here. Apparently they aren't going to the spam box either. Anyhow, I ran across this little gem.
1974 brought the discovery of the world famous Terricaota Warriors and Horses and the uncovering of the Qin Dynasty's greatest achievements. This site has been China's most visited landmark and draws nearly $350,000,000.00 anually.


These nightly banquets are expected to double the yearly visitors to the park and increase revenues by $3.4 million annually.
Basically, they want me to BUY STOCK NOW! I'm not so sure about a business model that doubles customers for a 1% revenue gain.

Ah, the Chinese, making the Nigerians look like pikers.

Yes, it's 5am... No, I haven't slept.