Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Moonbat Greens Counterattack

I guess too many of us evil Sapiens-loving, specist bastards said nice things about Mr. Patrick Moore's editorial in the Washington Post. BBC and ABC both have reports playing up Chernobyl to maximum effect.

In Case you're keeping score:
IAEA says: 56 Deaths from Chernobyl, perhaps as many as 4,000 directly attributable.
Greenpeace says: 60,000 early deaths in region, going to 140,000.

IAEA uses science measuring symptoms on a per person basis, Greenpeace uses statistics about probable cancer incidence as well as psychological problems to reach their number. So empircal science on the one hand, WAG on the other. No one who buys the Greenpeace report needs to be making fun of the ID crowd for using pseudo-scientific arguments to advance wishful thinking.