Friday, February 10, 2006

It seems I have a new boss

I scrupulously avoid reading the Democrap, or watching local news, so it was news to me to find out that the Secretary of Corrections here in Florida resigned this afternoon. Being a contractor, the less I know about what's going on outside of my little area, the better. Of course, I'm so low on the totem pole, I wouldn't know either the former or interim Secretary if I passed 'em in the hall. Mostly, I stay in my cave office.

Anyhow, I'd like to welcome Interim Secretary James McDonough, Colonel, US Army (Retired). I can't imagine that a graduate of West Point and MIT is going to pull the plug on applications programming, though former Sec. Crosby did a good job of letting us do good things.

I guess it don't matter. My attitude has always been: "Yes, Boss, I'll get my data out of your database. Just don't hit me no more!"*

* Cool Hand Luke, from which I stole and butchered the quotation, is set in a Florida Road Prison. That's the first thing I discovered when I went to work at FLDOC.