Wednesday, September 29, 2004

O'Reilly and Bush III - Bill Lets the Man Talk

I don't think I've ever seen Bill O'Reilly talk so little. I'm not sure there was one interruption in the whole thing. I wish he'd go that route more often. Ask good questions and let the guy talk.

About faith. I think the President nailed it. If a person chooses to live their life in accordance with a religious faith, he cannot divorce the principles of the faith from their actions. Heavy drinkers who quit drinking find faith. Period. Whether through a church or through a 12 step program, those people must find a faith that works to not drink. It can't be a CEO or Sunday morning but not Saturday night faith either. It doesn't make Bush perfect, or God-inspired, or even mean that he thinks WWJD before every decision. But if you ask him to explain his thoughts and processes, God's gonna be in there.
O’REILLY: This time I want to ask you, why do you think some people get upset when you mention your faith vis-à-vis your job?
BUSH: I really mention my faith vis-à-vis my life, and I don't know. -- I don't know why people get upset with that. People, -- I’m asked a question, -- what does faith mean to me, it means strength and calm in the face of the storm. I mean, I do rely on prayer, and I am empowered by the fact, I’m empowered by the fact that people pray for me. -- I’m sustained by that, not empowered -- I’m sustained by that, is a better word. I don't know why people object to somebody who is, -- when asked -- says religion’s important.
O’REILLY: Is it important in your decision-making?
BUSH: It’s an important part of my life. I don't see how you can divorce religion and how you live your life. I mean -- I, they're -- if faith is an important part of your life it’s ingrained in your soul, and ingrained in your being. And I make decisions based upon what’s best for this country. And I pray for wisdom, I pray for strength, I pray for others who are in harm’s way. I pray for the soldiers, I pray for their families. And I make decisions -- I make decisions about earthly matters, I make decisions about how to get out of recession, or how to improve education, or how to spread the peace-- and that's what I believe we’re doing is spreading the peace.
As I said above, this is a good explanation of people who feel that way. It doesn't mean that God gives Bush wisdom, or strength. But at least he asks.

As a side note, "spreading the peace" is a bit Orwellian for my taste. I would prefer something that acknowledges that killing bad guys is a part of it. But I understand this sales angle.