Wednesday, September 29, 2004

CBS and the Memory Hole

Reports are pouring in across Pajamahadeen blogs everywhere. At first I was just going to stay out of it. I mean, it's no longer worth mentioning when CBS runs an anti-Bush story based on fabricated documents. Eh, they're tabloid journalists, who cares. But this, this is unacceptable. posts a transcript that adds a key phrase left out of last night's broadcast about the anti-draft (yet somehow anti-Bush who also opposes a draft) mother. Go to LGF or Ace to see for yourself. The video don't match the transcript. The video is from the guys at (who I believe are blogging at (link to fake docs redux here) I want to get original credit right, but am not sure how it plays out. I believe RatherBiased broke the fake docs story this morning, but LGF is the first place I saw the coverup allegations)

This has crossed the line. The line has nothing to do with my disagreements with CBS about what constitutes evidence, partisianship, unimpeachability or truth. This is cover up. CBS needs to be taken to task for their cover up just like Enron, Nixon, and the Catholic Church. Making a mistake, exercising bad judgement, or just outright lying are within the depths of my cynicism. Lying to protect mistakes, bad judgement, and lying is unacceptable. There is no way for CBS to rebuild their credibility without completely cleaning house and bringing in people who have reputations for being brutally, yes-honey-you-do-look-fat-in-that-dress, honest.

I have been in communication with my local station manager since the first Rather poor story. He's been a good guy throughout. But I sent him an email bordering on nasty this time. I wanted him to understand, and I hope everyone else pushes their local station managers to understand, that the local station could no longer separate or insulate itself from the fallout of CBS National News' bad faith efforts at delivering news. Bush needs to cancel the CBS moderated debate.

UPDATE: Allah, of course, has the perfect picture