Thursday, September 30, 2004

INDCent Bill for the Investigative Reporting Pulitzer

I don't know anything about Pulitzer Prize rules, but if there's one for Investigative Reporting and Internet media is eligible, Bill Ardolino from should get the Prize.

He did the original digging (link)to find an expert willing to go on record against 60 Minutes II in the Pajamahadeen attacks on CBS. He has returned today to gnaw on their collective ankle some more with on record interviews from 3 people at CBS News regarding CBS's deceptively sourced, and hoax-document supported anti-Bush screed about the draft. (sponsered in Congress by Democrats)

Bill's doing yeoman's work. Drop a tip in his paypal bucket to keep him encouraged. Someday he'll even get some more moonbat research done.

UPDATE: Jon Henke from Q and O agrees, kind of. (last line of the post)

UPDATE II: How embarrassing, I misspelled Bill's last name. It's fixed now. Oh well road to hell, good intentions, yadda yadda. (and embarrassing. That's flabbergasting (I got that one off English, just because I majored in it don't mean I can spell it.))