Thursday, July 28, 2005

UK Legalizes Murder by Doctors

Via K-Lo at The Corner:

More evidence of why Socialized Medicine - actually Fascist Medicine as it is directed by the state - is a horrible idea:
The [General Medical Council] argued that the original ruling put doctors in "an impossibly difficult position" as it would oblige a doctor to provide treatment that the patient demands, even if the professional is that it would be futile. The GMC believes that a patient does not have the right to demand any particular form of treatment.[emphasis mine]
Once again, the only inviolable rule is the Golden one, and not Jesus's version. Since the patient ain't payin', he don't call the shots. The doctors get to play God because the state doesn't want to spend money on people who will never again contribute to the Exchequer's office.
So next time someone spins that lie about how superior Socialized Fascist Medicine is, ask them how they would have felt if Terri Schiavo's tube was removed by the insurance company doctors against the will of both husband and parents.