Sunday, July 24, 2005


Well, it looks like Jimmy Hoffa's boys and the SEIU, along with two other unions are leaving the AFL-CIO. The best part is here:
The boycott means the unions will not pay $7 million in back dues to the AFL-CIO on Monday. If all four boycotting unions quit the federation, they would take about $35 million a year from the estimated $120 million annual budget of the AFL-CIO, which has already been forced to layoff a quarter of its 400-person staff.

And hopefully, less money to stand in the way of CAFTA and other free trade initiatives. Also, two masters to whom our friends on the left side of the aisle must bow and scrape in order to keep up fundraising. And at least some are admitting it:
Gerald McEntee, president of a government employees' union with more than 1 million members, accused his boycotting colleagues of aiding labor's political foes. "The only people who are happy about this are President Bush and his crowd," he said.
Count me as a member of 'his crowd'.