Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Fundamentalist Government Worshippers

I originally posted this during the Republican Convention last year. I have updated it recently to describe another trend I have recently observed:

This seems like a good name for the reality-impaired wing of the Democratic Party (and those too far left to associate with the Democrats). You might know them by their actions. They believe that Government, not God is the ultimate power in the world. And anyone who claims differently is a heretic to be treated as heretics always have.
You may have seen them in New York at the Republican National Convention. They were the ones who couldn't play by the rules and protest with quiet dignity. Not that vociferous protest is wrong, but you didn't see anyone trying to disrupt John Kerry's speech at his convention.
These fundamentalists play by many of the same rules as other fundamentalist groups. Rerun the Miami and Seattle WTO talks and tell me these guys aren't fanatic ideologues.
Listen to them talk. Bush is 'evil', Halliburton is 'evil', the war in Iraq is 'corrupt'. And why are they so angry? Because the High Priest worships another God besides Government. He's breaking a commandment. 'Thou shalt have no gods before me'.
I think people must be very careful about this. Fundamentalism leads to rationalization, not rationality. Fundamentalists feel that they are chosen, beyond the law, and infallible. This leads to all sorts of trouble. I don't know the solution, but the description of the problem feels right. Fundamentalist Government worship is that missing link that leaves those of us who are not Government worshippers confused at some of the statements and actions of the far Left. It describes the visceral and irrational hatred of religion, speaks to the worship of the UN (it's a really big Government), and answers the need for more Government. (God will provide if we tax the pagans enough)

UPDATE: I think that this post may be more relevant today than it was when first written eight months ago. On every issue of the day, blocking anything proposed by Bush or the Republican leadership is more important than offering productive counterproposals or leadership. The 'we may not win, but you'll lose' attitude is characteristic of Fundamentalism. It is far more important to battle heresy and save souls than actual improve lives in the here and now.

UPDATE II: Actually, upon reflection these people are just fundamentalist Communists. After all, to my knowledge it was the Communist Manifesto that put forth the idea that Government was the superhuman power that would manifest paradise on earth if only it was properly invoked and worshipped.