Thursday, February 17, 2005

Not Good...

So I get to playing around with Google after that last little post. I search Google News for Syria+Assad and come up with this article from The Turkish Press dated January 24, 2005. A key quote:
Putin further underscored the importance Moscow attaches to Damascus by saying Russia planned to "use the Syrian route" to influence the Middle East peace process.

Assad said his talks in Moscow would also focus on the mounting crisis surrounding Iran -- an Islamic state where Russia is constructing a controversial nuclear power plant and which is a growing concern for Washington military strategists.
OK, who else is now worried? Russia and Syria meet to talk about arms deals and Iran. Approximately a week later (February 2, 2005) the Prime Minister of Georgia dies in a classic Soviet "Accident". Two weeks after that (February 14, 2005), the former Prime Minister of Lebanon is killed in classic Middle East style. Iran and Syria announced a "common front" yesterday.

Does this sound like really BAD news to anyone else. I keep asking myself that classic paranoiac question: "But am I being paranoid enough?" Russia, who has nukes and missles but is short on capital, is selling nuclear technology to the Iranians and missle technology to the Syrians. Russia is making a return to the bad old days internally, and, if Georgia and the Ukraine are any indication, externally as well.

On January 30th I thought we had turned a corner. Now, I think we're going to need a bigger army.