Tuesday, July 26, 2005

46 Years Too Long

Fidel Castro and anyone in Cuba who doesn't want to end up beaten, shot, or sent to prison for 're-education' are celebrating Revolution Day. Fifty-two years ago Fidel and his amigo Che launched a revolution. Forty-six years ago Fidel took power and hasn't looked back.

Just in time for Dia del Revolucion, Castro's government has come out with a new propaganda phrase. Vamos Bien, which translates loosely as "we're coming along well" or "we're doing well", belies that fact that there are more blackouts than ever as the Cuban power grid continues to age gracelessly.

Apparently, anti-government types are getting fiesty, but I'm still betting on the Cubs winning it all before we see a home-grown revolution in Cuba (or Iran) for that matter.

In honor of Revolution Day, buy a 'Commies aren't cool' shirt from these guys. Note: This is an unsponsored link, but if a shirt came in the mail, I wouldn't send it back.