Friday, March 31, 2006

Tales From an Alternate Universe

So the Mexicans in California wanna talk about how this is "their continent"? They get zero cred from me unless they're chanting in some language that ain't English or Spanish. I don't see any signs in Aztl:

No, it ain't "Your Land". There was no Trail of Tears from Los Angeles to Chihuahua:

Speaking of Mexican history, we could start with how come all these folks speak Spanish. That Cortez was a nice guy. But that's not "Mexican" history. So let's talk about what a nice guy Santa Anna was. I mean, if we're not going to talk about the "Spanish occupation" as part of the history. There may not be a more opportunistic, traitorous bastard in history. I'm pretty sure he's got the North American crown in a walk. And then we can talk about what a fine job the PRI did running the nation in the 20th century.

Now I lived in Texas for 11 years, and I have the utmost respect for Mexican-Americans, and really any hyphenated Americans who came over to work hard and build a better life for their children, who they wanted to become Americans. But this bullshit is just lame.

If you don't like the country you're in ILLEGALLY, whyn'cha go back to Mexico and find work there? Surely they've got plenty of jobs that pay better than these horrible American jobs. Surely those jobs have insurance, unlike the terrible conditions in America, right? And great hospitals where anyone can walk in off the street and receive first rate emergency care without showing any proof that they can pay, right?

Note to all pro-immigration folks. These people aren't making you any friends. I've become less tolerant of the lax border enforcement since this rally. And I'm fairly sympathetic to the idea that anyone who wants to come to America and become an American should be able to without much paperwork.

Friday, March 24, 2006

UT Men Survive Underdog Night

And boy was it ever close. I should have known when LSU walked away that it was gonna be rough. Then it got BAD. We're at the bar watching UT and one of the guys I'm with gets a pretty girl just dropped in his lap, tries to bobble, and still can't miss. Total underdog deal. He's all focused on the game, and she keeps talking at him until the other guy with us hit him with a clue. (Subtle hints that he ought to be more attentive weren't working. Hell, I could see he had a can't miss thing going.) And this happened not five minutes (real time) after the start of the second half. He "calls it" for the 'Horns, then She shows up. It didn't take us long to figure out that this was all related, and the 'Horns were on the short end.

However, the karma came through. I declared my willingness to take the loss rather than run off the girl. (I've become much more generous since January.) I mean it would be cool to hold all 3 Men's Major Titles at the same time, but it's unthinkable. Kind of like say, St. Louis taking Pro Football, Baseball, and Hockey titles. Things like that, you've just gotta sneak a glance at once or twice, and root hard like it doesn't matter.

Anyhow, I meant it. After a brief conversation with another friend, I declared myself in as wingman. Willing to take the loss for my buddy's game. Then what happens? Instant karma. Somewhere tonight a bunch of 'Zags and Blue Devils fans are thinking they didn't run off the bad luck girl fast enough, but sometimes you've just got to surrender to karma.

Anyhow, big rumble Saturday with the Big Baby. Smack his ass and send him home with a lesson boys.

Congrats to the TCC Eagles, advancing to the quarterfinals in the National JuCo tourney . I noticed they beat San Jac tonight, and have to play some other Houston area school. And UH still can't get a team together.