Monday, February 11, 2008

Why Me & the WSJ Editorial Board Disagree...

On open borders. The Mexican Army conducted an operation against drug cartel personnel. Strategy Page link here:

The army conducted an operation in Tamaulipas state that led to the capture
of five men and a large weapons cache. The cache was found on a ranch and
included plastic explosive, hand grenades, bullet-proof protective vests, 80
sets of military uniforms, 89 rifles and 83,000 rounds of ammunition. The
army also found nine tons of marijuana on the ranch and several vehicles, one
equipped with bullet-proof glass. The troops found what amounts to a supply dump
for a company-sized unit capable of launching limited mobile operations.

This is not the first time I've read about cartel agents with military hardware. Lots of bad stuff happens on the border. And it ain't just Mexico. Look at MS-13. I grew up in Houston, and live in Florida. The people I see working on Sunday are more likely to be from Central America than Middle America, but there's got to be a middle way.

I think we need an Ellis Island setup for the 21st Century. Surely, with remittances making up such a huge part of the Central American economy, we can get some cooperation on a fingerprinting db for felons and people with wants/warrants.